Society for the Teaching of Psychology: Division 2 of the American Psychological Association

Capstone Resource Page

A capstone is a class in which senior psychology majors are required to pull together what they have learned in their previous classes and use this integrating experience to demonstrate they are capable of doing or should be able to do as they graduate from the program.  Capstones can also provide an ideal opportunity to identify, assess, and document what students are learning to use in individual and program assessment.  Recent APA task forces and publications have contained calls for more effective program assessment, developmentally coherent curricula, and creating capstone experiences for the major.  In 2010, we formed an intercollegiate research team to investigate capstone experiences in undergraduate psychology programs.  We received an STP Partnership Grant in 2011 and created an online survey about the use and characterization of capstones and portfolio use.  From this research, we have created this Capstone Resource Page for the Society of Teaching of Psychology. 

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