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Departmental Consulting Service

The Departmental Consulting Service (DCS) is offered to psychology departments through the joint efforts of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) and the APA Education Directorate. Developed in response to an increasing need for evaluations, the consultant service provides departments of psychology with a list of qualified consultants who will provide valuable program feedback. The DCS maintains a database of faculty consultants with expertise in a broad range of areas, such as curriculum, faculty, advising, research facilities, and departmental assessment.

Departments interested in requesting a consultant can contact the Director for Department Consulting Services. As a general practice, three consultants will be recommended as potential reviewers, and departments can choose one or more consultants. Departments are asked to pay for travel expenses that may be incurred during a site visit. Additionally, departments are encouraged to pay an honorarium, when possible.  

Want to be a consultant?

Individuals wishing to become consultants should contact the DCS Director for application materials. Completed applications are returned to the DCS Director, who forwards them to the DCS Task Force for screening. These materials are subsequently forwarded to APA's Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) for approval at their fall or spring meetings. Applicants should have expertise in several of the following areas: curriculum, faculty, advising, research facilities, and departmental assessment. Experience as a program evaluator is also desirable but not required.

Want to learn more about the DCS, have other questions, or interested in resources on program reviews?

See our FAQ.

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