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October 10, 2018

This year we bid a very sad farewell to Charles L. Brewer, long-time Furman University psychology professor. If you knew Charles, you have a story about him. If you didn’t know Charles, and you’ve been hanging out with psychology instructors, you’ve heard stories about him. STP’s Executive Director, Tom Pusateri, has collected photos and remembrances from Charles’ friends and former students into a special issue of TOPNews-Online. Tom has also included a page of frequent Charles Brewer quotes, affectionately known as Brewerisms. My personal favorite: “For every complex question, there is an easy answer—and it is wrong.”

Last month we lost another friend and colleague, Bernie Carducci. Bernie had been a psychology professor at Indiana University Southeast since 1979 (“Bernie Carducci Remembered”). I had known of him for years, but he and I had not formally met until this past spring at WPA. I’m not sure which was his more dominant trait: his kindness or his energy. His absence leaves the world a little less bright.

I hope you are able to join us at the ACT conference in Phoenix (October 19 and 20) to celebrate our teaching of psychology friends – those who are no longer with, those who are here who we value a little bit more each day, and those who are future friend but just don’t know it yet. If you are unable to make it to the conference, take a minute on October 19th wherever you might be in the world and a raise a glass containing a beverage of your choice to your teaching of psychology friends. If you are so inclined, post a photo to STP’s Facebook group or tweet your photo using #stp18act.

During the ACT conference, whether you’re with us in Phoenix or not, follow the Twitter chatter by monitoring #stp18act. If none of that means anything to you, on this page, look to the right in the box labeled “Twitter Feed.” Here you can find the most recent tweets coming from STP’s official Twitter account.

And speaking of Twitter, STP’s Third International Twitter Poster Conference is happening November 1 and 2! Do you have a poster you presented in the last year having something to do with the teaching of psychology? Present it again to a global audience. Here is everything you need to know about this virtual conference.

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Sue Frantz

President, Society for the Teaching of Psychology

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