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STP Reports and Documents

STP maintains a repository of past reports and documents that are publicly available for research and review.  Click on the links below to view these materials.

Presidential Initiatives and Task Forces 

This link contains a repository of documents from Presidential Initiatives.  Each document contains one or more of the following:

  • Description of the presidential initiative
  • A record of the initial charge to the task force (if the president convened a task force)
  • Updates on the initiative
  • Report(s) from the task force
  • Records of EC discussions and votes on the initiative/task force's recommendations
  • Resources that resulted from the initiative or the work of the task force

Here is a list of the presidential initiatives that appear in the repository.

  • 2023 President Diane Finley
    Presidential Theme: Inviting Everyone In
    Community College Task Force
    Minority Serving Institution Task Force

  • 2022 President Linda Woolf
    Presidential Theme: 
     Teaching to Make a Difference: A Social Justice Approach
    Task Force for “Teaching to Make a Difference”
    Task Force on Teaching Ethics: Literacy, Thinking, and Reasoning
    Task Force on “Decolonizing Psychology” in Introductory Psychology
    Task Force on Teaching Psychology and Climate Change
    Continuation of Task Force on Integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and International Initiatives Across STP

  • 2021 President Susan Nolan
    Integrating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and International Initiatives in STP (Charge)
    Resources on Pivot Teaching (Charge)
    Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking Guidelines 2.0 (Charge)

  • 2020 President Amy Fineburg
    75th Anniversary (Plans, Articles in Teaching of Psychology, EC discussion of impact of pandemic on ACT)
    Diversifying STP Membership (Charge; Approval of Task Force; Announcement and Results of Diversity Survey)
    Graduate Student Support (Charge)

  • 2019 President Rick Miller
    Diversifying Membership (Charge, Update, Report, EC Discussion)
    Mentoring Teachers and Civic Engagement Awards (Charge, Announcements during inaugural year)
    Promoting (Improving) Undergraduate Research (Charge, Update, Report: Cover Letter and Resource)
    SoTL: Evidence-Based Teaching (Charge, Update)
    STP Program Evaluation (Charge, Update)
    Teaching Tips Revised (Charge, Update)
    Two E-books (Charge; Publication of High Impact Educational Practices)

  • 2018 President Sue Frantz
    Re-Envisioning Introductory Psychology (Charge, Update)
    Promoting the Value of the Psychology Bachelor's Degree (Charge, Update)
    Restructuring the STP Graduate Student Teaching Association (Charge, Report, Vote)

  • 2017 President Ken Keith
    Psychology in American Colleges and Universities:  The Nature of the Pipeline (Charge, Updates)

  • 2016 President Janie Wilson
    International Outreach (Charge, Report, Updates, Vote)
    Teaching Psychology in the Community (Charge, Report, Update, Vote)

  • 2015 President Suzie Baker
    Core Concepts for Introductory Psychology (Charge, Report, Update, Vote)
         (in collaboration with APA Division 1:  General Psychology)
    MCAT-related Teaching Resources (Charge, Update)

  • 2014 President Eric Landrum
    National Advocacy for Psychology Undergraduates (Charge, Report)
    Skills Matter (Charge, Report
    The Power of Story (Charge, E-book)
  • 2013 President Victor Benassi
    Note from President Benassi (No task forces)

  • 2012 President Norine Jalbert
    Documenting Department Benchmarks (Charge)
    Documenting Teaching Competencies (Charge, Report, Vote, Update)
    Statistical Literacy (Charge, Report, Vote, Update, Resource)

  • 2011 President Regan Gurung
    Advancing Pedagogical Science (Charge)
    Empowering Teachers (Charge, Report, Vote; refer to 2012 Working Group on Mentoring)
    Model Teaching Competencies (Charge, Report, Votes; continued as 2012 Documenting Teaching Competencies)
    Strengthening Psychological Literacy

  • 2010 President Dana Dunn
    Identifying Best Practices for Employing Part Time Teachers of Psychology (Charge, No report)
    Identifying Best Practices for Employing Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (Charge, Reports, EC Discussion)
    Integration of New STP Bylaws into Procedures Manual (Charge, Reports, EC Discussion, Vote)
    High School Teachers and the Blueprint Book/Project (Charge, Report, Vote)
    STP Media (Charge, Report, EC Discussion)
    Emerging Scientific Advances and the Teaching of Psychology (Charge, Report, EC Discussion)
    Exploring Interdivisional Connections with Divisions (Charge, Report, EC Discussion, Vote)
    STP Members as APS Fellows (Charge, Report, Vote)

  • 2009 President Janet Carlson
    Targeted Membership Recruitment (Charge, Report)
    Member Involvement (Charge, Reports)
    Interdivisional Relationships (Charge, Report, Vote)
    Communication (Charge, Report, Vote)
    STP Awards (Charge, Report, Vote)
    Electronic Rules of Order (Charge, Report, incorporated into Policies & Procedures Manual)

  • 2008 President Maureen McCarthy
    Unification (Charge, Report, Vote)
    Resources (Charge, Report, Vote)
    Restructuring (Charge, Report, Proposed Bylaws Revisions, Votes)

Working Group, Ad Hoc Committee, and Long Range Planning Committee Reports

This link contains the following reports from STP Working Groups, Ad Hoc Committees and the Long Range Planning Committee.

  • 2024: STP-CABE Joint Working Group
  • 2023: STP Working Group on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in STP
  • 2023: Renaming Abnormal Psychology Working Group Report
  • 2021: Mid-Career Mentoring Working Group Report 
  • 2021: Revising PsychTeacher (Listserv) Guidelines
  • 2017: Division 2's Responses to APA Ethics Committee 
  • 2017: Front Porch Project: A Proposal to Benefit Psychology Administrators
  • 2016: Ad Hoc Committee: Development of Consultant Training Program
  • 2016: Ad Hoc Committee: Fund for Excellence Review (Charge, Reports, Votes)
  • 2016: Ad Hoc Committee: STP Listservs (Vote, Charge, Report, EC Discussions and Updates)
  • 2015: Working Group:  Social Media (Charge, Report, Proposal for committee, Vote)
  • 2015: ACT-APA Subcommittee (EC Discussion, Charge, Report, Votes)
  • 2014: Working Group: SoTL Consulting Service (Charge, Report, Vote, Announcement)
  • 2011: Working Group: Mentoring (Charge, Report, Vote)
  • 2011: Working Group: STP Archives (Charge, Report, Vote)
  • 2010: Working Group: National Standards for High School Psychology (Inclusion in EC Agenda Book)
  • 2009: Sharing STP Membership Lists:  Policies & Processes (Report, Vote)
  • 2009: Working Group: Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology (Charge, Report, Vote)
  • 2008: Release Time/Course Buy-out Working Group (Request for data, Report, Vote)
  • 2007: STP Membership Survey Executive Summary
  • 1994-2009:  Long Range Planning Committee Reports:  LRPC Reports (1994-2009)
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