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The 2015 Early Career Psychologists Committee created this e-book to encourage and support Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research in psychology. Very few resources exist that provide an evaluative review of a variety of measurement tools, especially within the SoTL literature. Organized by topic, this compendium contains scale descriptions, validation information (if available), and marked references so scholars can examine past research that used each scale. In addition, the authors—each well established within their area of focus—provide advice on choosing appropriate scales, developing scales, and the types of scales the SoTL literature still needs. The e-book is divided into two sections, 1) choosing, using, developing, and validating scales, and 2) scales for use in SoTL including a broad range of topics such as critical thinking, learning and self-efficacy, professor-student relationships, well-being, service learning, and student perceptions of learning and teaching. Although this e-book will clearly be helpful to those just getting started in SoTL, it will be equally valuable to seasoned researchers or could serve as an excellent supplementary text for courses such as tests and measurements, research methods, and educational assessment.

ISBN: 978-1-941804-40-7

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction 5
Rajiv S. Jhangiani, Jordan D. Troisi, Bethany Fleck, Angela M. Legg, and Heather D. Hussey
Section 1: Choosing, Using, Developing, and Validating Scales
Chapter 2: Best Practices in Scale Use in SoTL 11
Regan A. R. Gurung
Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Scale: An Editor’s Perspective 20
Andrew N. Christopher
Chapter 4: A Primer on Scale Development 29
Heather D. Hussey and Tara J. Lehan
Chapter 5: The State of Scale Validation in SoTL Research in Psychology 44
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges
Section 2: Scales for Use in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Chapter 6: Measuring Learning and Self-Efficacy 55
Pam Marek, Adrienne Williamson, and Lauren Taglialatela
Chapter 7: Measuring Critical Thinking Skills 74
R. Eric Landrum and Maureen A. McCarthy
Chapter 8: Student Engagement Toward Coursework: Measures, Considerations, and Future Directions 87
Kevin L. Zabel and Amy Heger
Chapter 9: Measuring Service-Learning and Civic Engagement 102
Lori Simons
Chapter 10: Measuring Individual Differences in Epistemological Beliefs 123
Kelly L. Y. Ku
Chapter 11: Measuring Well-Being in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 133
Kristin Layous, S. Katherine Nelson, and Angela M. Legg
Chapter 12: Assessing Professor-Student Relationships Using Self-Report Scales 149
Jenna M. Meyerberg and Angela M. Legg
Chapter 13: Effective Tools for Assessing Characteristics of Excellent Teaching:
The Teacher Behaviors Checklist as Exemplar
Claire Kirk, Jessica Busler, Jared Keeley, and William Buskist
Chapter 14: SoTL Scales: The Case of Missing Links 174
Aaron S. Richmond
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