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Ideas about teaching diversity in classrooms:

This Professor Offers Female Students Extra Credit For Not Shaving Their Armpits.pdf

Supervising Grads and New Professionals of Color_ Teaching Strategies to Survive and Thrive in White Institutional Culture__ _ Vijay Pendakur.pdf


Crossing the Finish Line_ Cultivating Student Success at an Institutional Level _ Vijay Pendakur.pdf

Jett, C. C., & Cross, S. B. (2016). Teaching about Diversity in Black and White: Reflections and Recommendations from Two Teacher Educators. New Educator12(2), 131-146.

Tichnor-Wagner, A., Parkhouse, H., Glazier, J., & Cain, J. M. (2016). Expanding Approaches to Teaching for Diversity and Justice in K-12 Education: Fostering Global Citizenship across the Content Areas. Education Policy Analysis Archives24(59)

Richmond, A. S., Broussard, K. A., Sterns, J. L., Sanders, K. K., & Shardy, J. C. (2015). Who Are We Studying? Sample Diversity in Teaching of Psychology Research. Teaching Of Psychology42(3), 218-226.

White, A. M. (2006). Psychology Meets Women's Studies, Greets Black Studies, Treats Queer Studies: Teaching Diversity and Sexuality across Disciplines. Feminist Teacher: A Journal Of The Practices, Theories, And Scholarship Of Feminist Teaching16(3), 205-215.

Boysen, G. A. (2011). Diversity Topics Covered in Teaching of Psychology Courses. Teaching Of Psychology38(2), 89-93.

Activities and exercises to teach diversity in classrooms:

Global Awareness Activities WorldVision-GEAR.pdf

reference information STP website 1.pdf



Cultural Competency Self Assessment.pdf


Websites with more resources on teaching diversity:

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