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Apologize until you get it right!

17 Jun 2024 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Apologize until you get it right!

I am the eldest of seven children. As expected, we often had disagreements, scuffles, and sometimes knock-down-drag-out fights. As the oldest, I learned early on that you must always apologize when at fault and do so until you get the apology right.

Therefore, on behalf of the STP Executive Committee, I humbly apologize for the scheduling of the 2024 ACT conference during the religious holiday of Yom Kippur. In my previous statement, I attempted to explain the complexities of conference planning and the added difficulties caused by forced rescheduling amid the pandemic. But I am now aware that my apology profoundly missed the mark.

Religious holidays and celebrations are a time for worship, ceremony, family, and tradition. I understand that many of our STP members are now faced with the choice between being in their community with loved ones to observe the High Holy Days or attending ACT. I realize that many will miss the professional development and networking opportunities they annually look forward to during ACT. Some may even sacrifice time with loved ones because this is the only conference they can attend this year. I deeply empathize with the difficult decision you are being forced to make, and I regret we have put you in this position. We will endeavor to be more mindful of our actions and intentional about the dates we select for future conferences.

As president, I am responsible for ensuring that our organization lives up to our mission statement, revised during the Executive Committee’s meeting in April 2024.  Our proposed revised mission statement reads:

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of psychology. The Society provides resources and services, access to a global collaborative community, and opportunities for professional development. It endeavors to promote equity and social justice for teachers and students of psychology with marginalized, racially minoritized, and intersecting identities. The Society also strives to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning; advocate for the needs of teachers of psychology; promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and belonging initiatives within the teaching and learning of psychology; foster partnerships across academic settings; and increase recognition of the value of the teaching profession [emphasis added].

I still have work to do to ensure that our organization embodies diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness. I want to reassure you that our commitment to these values is unwavering. Though we stumbled, we will continue to review, revise, and develop our practices to ensure a more inclusive and equitable organization.

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