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Happy November!

03 Nov 2023 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I hope everyone is finding something to keep you going as we draw near the end of the term. I know this time of year can be difficult as daylight gets shorter and it gets colder in some places. I just hate getting up and eating meals in the dark!

I would like to remind everyone of some STP information:

  • Dues statements will be coming out. Please be sure to pay attention to email or snail mail and renew. Better yet, click here to join or renew online so you don’t forget!

  • Please check the Get Involved page frequently. STP can only work if everyone contributes. There are always opportunities to get involved. We do value all members and want everyone to be involved. Don’t worry if you are new to teaching or new to STP.

  • We now have affinity groups (some call them special interest groups or SIGS).  Click on the link to check which groups are already in place. If you do not find one for you, consider creating it! If you are looking for kindred souls, it is likely others are as well.

  • STP offers a LOT of grants and awards. Check them out and nominate yourself or a colleague. Please do not feel embarrassed to nominate yourself – many of our award winners have self-nominated. We need to sing our own praises and share our strengths and what we do!

  • Our social media sites and Listservs can give you a lot of information. We post current announcements from APA such as the updated guide on use of language as well as job announcements and information from related organizations.

I wanted to share some research related to my talk at the recent ACT. My talk centered on sharing our stories and using story to teach (albeit being judicious about what we share in the classroom). I stumbled across a meta-analysis that supported the positive effects of narratives on comprehension and memory. How exciting to see some of my theories supported by research!

Since it is that time of year when we begin to think about those things for which we are grateful, I wanted to use this column to say some thank yous. I am not able to individually thank each person who has supported me this year, but I do want share a few.

Thanks to the Executive Committee (Linda, Loretta, Danae, Teceta, Morton, Bill, Kristin) who has worked far beyond what I even imagined. It is really their hard work (and that of all their committees) that keeps STP running. They have terrific ideas for new initiatives and their grace during our discussions can serve as a model for how to disagree without distressing everyone.

Thanks especially to Secretary Stephanie who keeps meticulous (and speedy) minutes. She can always find the motion or answer other questions (that I should probably know the answer to!).

Thanks to our Executive Director, Tom, for his patience with all my endless questions and for keeping me on track with what I need to be doing.

Thanks to our Treasurer, Jeff, who helps me understand all our budget issues and can always answer my questions about the money. His has a difficult job, and he does it without complaining.

Thanks to Lindsay, our Director of ACT, and Melissa, our APA Program Director. They also answered my questions patiently and they produced two wonderful programs.

Thanks to the many, many other STP committee members who have responded to my queries or helped answer a question. Your work is noticed and appreciated.

I hope you plan some downtime for the upcoming holiday. Try to unplug, don’t check an LMS, don’t answer email!

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