STP’s International Twitter Poster Conference (ITPC)

         November 7-9, 2021

    #stp21poster and #stp21thread

    Poster Guidelines

      • Poster topics should relate to the teaching of psychology, including teaching tips, teaching activities, tips about doing research with psychology teaching, and scholarship of teaching and learning projects. If you are unsure if your poster is suitable for the conference, please feel free to get in touch and we can advise. 
      • Posters must be tweeted with the hashtag #stp21poster
      • We strongly encourage you to make an image specifically for Twitter. One option is to save a PowerPoint slide as a .jpeg file and post the .jpeg file on Twitter. Images on Twitter work best when they are twice as wide as they are tall, and you will likely want fewer words than a conference poster with larger font. We encourage you to test it out before the conference. See for an example of fonts. 
      • During the event (Nov 7-9 2021), just tweet the image (.jpeg) which will be a summary of your research along with #stp21poster

        Pre-registration (Optional)
          Pre-register your poster for this year’s ITPC to: 

                            Conference Conversations  
                            • Interested in being a part of the conference and a conversation about teaching psychology and scholarship of teaching and learning in psychology?  You can post longer conversations (with or without a poster) with the hashtag #stp21thread. You could discuss a new project from your lab, your musings about teaching psychology, or anything related to the teaching of psychology. 

                            November 7-9

                            • Participants can tweet posters between 12:01am UTC November 7 and 11:59pm UTC on November 9. 
                              • UTC is Universal Coordinated Time
                                • Use the following link, to find out when that will be in your time zone. Use the pull-down menu to find your country and state/region (if applicable). 
                            • The aim of the conference is to promote teaching of psychology by exchange of ideas and learn about the new developments in different areas of teaching of psychology. The ITPC committee will award prizes of Free STP membership to the posters which expand on the scholarship of teaching and learning.  The criteria for measuring interest includes quality of the research and presentation of the poster. To be eligible for the prize, the tweet with the poster must 1) have the #stp21poster hashtag, 2) be tweeted during the official times of the conference, and 3) only be tweeted once from one Twitter account during the hours of the conference. 


                            If you have any questions, please contact the chair of the ITPC committee, Lyra Stein at
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