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STP is pleased to announce a process for the creation of identity- and experience-based affinity groups within STP! The idea for affinity groups came out of an STP member survey that was conducted by the 2020 STP DEI Task Force and is reinforced by research demonstrating their importance for connection, sharing, community, support, networking, and advocacy.

For many of our members and potential members, being in community with other STP members who share important aspects of lived experience can help to make a warm and friendly organization feel like a truly inclusive and welcoming space. In this affinity group process, we are following the model of other APA divisions and psychology organizations- such as Division 35 and the National Latinx Psychological Association - and creating a means for people who align around an underrepresented identity or lived experience to connect and engage with one another. Please note that membership in affinity groups is open to any STP member.

Step 1: We invite people who are interested in serving in a group facilitation or leadership role within an affinity group for one year to complete the very short Google Form (requires login). Current membership in STP will be required for creating/facilitating an affinity group.

If multiple people propose the creation of the same or overlapping affinity groups, they will be connected with each other so that they may determine the identity/lived experience that would best capture the needs of most, and the facilitation structure. Affinity groups may have two or more people who co-lead/co-facilitate. We invite all interested STP members who would like to facilitate an affinity group to complete the form!

Step 2: Teceta Tormala, the VP of Diversity and International Relations, will receive the responses from the Google Forms, and generate a list of affinity groups sought by STP members and the names of people interested in serving as the group facilitator(s). Those individuals will be contacted, and the finalization of the groups and group facilitators will happen. The facilitators will be given instructions on how to create an affinity group forum within the STP website.

Step 3: The finalized affinity groups will be announced to the broad STP membership, with links to each one that will allow an STP member to join the group. Individuals can choose to join more than one affinity group. Current membership in STP will be required for membership in an affinity group.

Questions? Contact Teceta Tormala, Vice President for Diversity and International Relations.

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We are pleased to announce the inauguration of our first affinity group, Australian Psychology Teaching and Learning (AusPLAT).  The purpose of AusPLAT is to provide support and resources to improve Australian Psychology education. Any STP member may subscribe or unsubscribe to the AusPLAT affinity group by clicking here (requires login) and completing a short form.  

We plan to announce additional affinity groups later this year.  

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