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Teaching of Psychology 1974-2001 Database (v. 2.5)

Prepared by David Johnson (Psychology Department, John Brown University), the Teaching of Psychology Database allows you to locate quickly articles of specific interest such as classroom activities and course descriptions published in the Society's journal, Teaching of Psychology (ToP), over the period from October, 1974 (vol. 1) until December, 2001 (vol. 28). It is constructed as a 800+ kbyte dBase file (compressed to 80-120 kbytes) and is currently comprised of 1937 individual entries. This file can be imported into many database programs.

Instruction: You can download the ToP Database (v. 2.5) in the following formats. Click on any format link and most browsers will download the compacted file to your disk. You must have a disk utility to "unstuff" or "unzip" a compacted file.

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Database Index

The Index to the ToP Database, also prepared by David Johnson, provides citations of articles from the Teaching of Psychology listed by key words for use with a word processor.

Note: both ToP-DB "A Teaching of Psychology Database" and ToP-INDEX "A Teaching of Psychology Index" are Copyright © 1997-2002 by David E. Johnson and made available at OTRP Online for download and non-commerical use only with permission of the copyright holder.