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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Research Grant

2014 SoTL Grant Winners Announced

View the 2014 winners and the title of their projects

Research projects in any phase of development are eligible for funding (e.g., materials design, data collection, manuscript writing). However, the proposed project must have a high probability of producing a product that will be presented and/or published in a peer-reviewed outlet in a timely manner.  The proposal should also align with the Executive Committee’s preferred theme: applying the science of learning.

The grant program is open to members of the Society for the Teaching Psychology who teach Psychology at 4-year colleges and universities, 2-year colleges, or high schools. Preference will be given to applicants who have not been awarded these funds in the previous 3 years. 

Evaluation Criteria

Those evaluating the grants will be blind to the applicants’ identities. The proposals will be evaluated on:

•           Degree to which proposal fits STP’s description of the SoTL in Psychology as evidenced by

            •           clearly articulated research question/hypothesis

            •           literature-based inquiry

            •           appropriate and sound method of inquiry 

            •           likelihood of  generating a peer-reviewed product

•           Degree to which proposal addresses the following Executive Committee preferred themes: 

            •           Embedding Skills Development in Psychology Curriculum

            •           Diversity/International Issues

            •           Degree to which proposal supports STP’s mission

            •           Innovativeness of project

            •           Potential impact/reach of product

            •           Strength and clarity of project narrative

            •           Feasibility of completing the project within proposed timeline

            •           Appropriateness of budget


Program Funding Level Recommendation

STP will fund the program with $10,000 annually

•           At the discretion of the members of the grant review panel, these monies can be distributed:

            •           across qualified applicants in varying amounts

            •           across qualified applicants in equal amounts

            •           to a single, especially worthy project (however, the committee must obtain STP’s EC    approval for this decision)

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

            •           materials/supplies for research, participant incentives

            •           stipends for researcher and/or research assistants

            •           travel to promote collaboration on project

            •           travel to present outcomes of research

Caps on Expenses

•           funding for travel limited to $1200

•           expenses for materials, participant incentives limited to $2000

Ineligible Expenses

•           indirect costs


Other Requirements

  • The research protocol must have IRB approval or be under review at time of application submission
  • Project must be completed within the calendar year (before December 31, 2015) in which the grant was awarded.
  • Applicant must be STP member to be eligible for grant funds.
  • New applicants to a grant program are given priority over those who have previously received funds from that grant program.
  • During their term, members of the Executive Committee will be ineligible to apply for an STP grant.
  • During their terms, members of the Grant Evaluation committees are ineligible to apply for grants from the program for which they are members of the evaluation committee.
  • Upon notification of funding, grant recipients must submit a brief abstract (no more than 200 words) describing the purpose, method, and expected outcomes of the funded project.
  • Recipients of grants to support manuscript writing must submit proof of submission to a peer-reviewed journal by the end of the grant period or else the recipients must return the grant funds to STP. Recipients should inform the granting agency of all publications resulting from the grant work.
  • Explicit acknowledgement of this funding source on all presentations, publications, and resulting materials
  • Within a calendar year of receiving funds (before December 31, 2015), all grant recipients need to submit a final report that details how funds were spent and briefly describes the outcomes of activities funded. Major deviations from the proposed timeline must be explained and, if such explanations are insufficient, the grant panel may request that part or all of the funds be returned to STP.
  • Funding of indirect costs is prohibited

Applications must include the following sections:

•           Contact Information: Applicants’ names, institutional affiliations, and contact information. To allow for blind review, each application must be received in two separate files.  Please attach this information in a separate file named: title of your proposal_contact, for example, the file name would be "psychology as a STEM discipline_contact".

•           Project narrative (must be single-spaced, no smaller than 11 point font, 1 inch-margins all around). To allow for blind review, each application must be received in two separate files.  This second file should be named title of your proposal_narrative, for example, the file name would be "psychology as a STEM discipline_narrative".  Please be sure that there is no author-identifying information in the narrative file.  Narratives that include author-identifying information will be disqualified.

            •           Title of project

            •           Literature Review and statement of question/hypothesis: Give a context for the question under investigation, describe what is already known, delineate why the question under investigation is important in the SoTL in psychology, and describe why the proposed approach is innovative. (no more than 1 page)

            •           Description of research design and methods of data collection (no more than one page)

            •           Describe data analysis and expected results (no more than ½ page)

            •           Describe the implications of the findings and how the outcome of the work is consistent with STP’s mission (no more than 1 page)

            •           Describe how the project reflects the Executive Committee’s preferred theme of Embedding Skills Development in Psychology Curriculum and/or addresses diversity/international issues (no more than ½ page)

            •           Reference list

            •           Project Timeline: Describe major milestones for completion of project and their anticipated completion date. Include the name of a target peer-reviewed outlet for the presentation/publication for the product of your work and anticipated date of submission to that outlet

            •           Budget: Provide a detailed budget of how the funds will be spent. Be as specific as possible without identifying the applicant’s affiliation. Also, please indicate if you are willing to complete the project if it is only partially funded.

            •           If applicable, list other funding sources and amounts that will provide support for the project.

            •           Include evidence of IRB approval (or evidence that proposal is currently under IRB review)

Proposals should be submitted in two separate files, one with contact information and one with the project narrative with no identifiers to  If you have questions, please contact Marya Howell-Carter (email:  Proposals are due by 11:59 pm (CT) on October 31, 2015.

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