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Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award

Eligibility Criteria:

The Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award recognizes teaching excellence at 4-year colleges or universities. Applicants must be currently teaching at a 4-year college or university. Applicants must be members of STP and may joint STP at any time.

Award Criteria:

The Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award is based on the following five criteria: (1) effective teaching; (2) mentoring student professional development; (3) advancing teaching and learning through scholarship; (4) advancing teaching and learning through service; and (5) training high school, community college, or college/university teachers. Each of these criteria is accompanied below with suggestions for supportive evidence. Applicants will not be expected to have achieved recognition in all five criteria.

1.     Effective teaching
a)    Student evaluations (submit summaries of no more than the last 5 years; please do not include raw teaching evaluation information; please type up any handwritten comments)
b)    Peer and/or administrative evaluations
c)     Innovative syllabi and assignments
d)    Innovative assessment practices
e)    Innovative demonstrations and activities, including innovative use of technology
f)     Previous awards for teaching
2.     Mentoring student professional development (include brief narrative indicating applicant’s role in each of the following)
a)    Students have received academic honors such as membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Psi Chi; and/or scholarships
b)    Students have held leadership positions
c)     Students have made professional presentations and/or published their work
d)    Students have attended state, regional, and national conferences and conventions
e)    Served as chair or member of senior (and honors) thesis committees *
f)     Served as chair or member of Master's thesis committees *
g)    Served as chair or member of doctoral dissertation committees *
* note whether student research was presented or published
3.     Advancing teaching and learning through scholarship 
a)    Refereed research articles
b)    Chapters (invited or refereed)
c)     Books
d)    Invited addresses or other conference presentations
e)    Textbooks (emphasis on those that are current or have multiple editions)
f)     Successfully funded grants advancing teaching and learning
4.     Advancing teaching and learning through service
a)    Leader or member of college/university committees that advance teaching and learning *
b)    Leader or member of professional committees that advance teaching and learning *
c)     Advising student organization that advances teaching and learning
d)    Editor/reviewer of journal devoted to teaching
e)    Organizer of teaching and learning workshop or conference
* note applicant’s role on committee
5.     Training high school, community college, and college/university teachers
a)    Student evaluations of applicant's former students with narrative describing the role of the applicant in developing the student(s) as a teacher
b)    Accomplishments of these teachers with narrative linking the accomplishments of the applicant’s work with the student(s)’ work
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