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STP Partnerships Small Grant Program

2019 Call for Proposals (Deadline: November 1, 2018)

The Society for The Teaching of Psychology (Division 2 of APA) is pleased to announce a program of small grants to promote communication and collaboration between psychology teachers from different institutions. Specifically, this program is intended to bring together individuals to engage in planned activities to promote the teaching of psychology or who desire to work together to think about the ways in which the teaching of psychology can be improved. Proposed activities could take the form of conferences or small meetings devoted to teaching-related topics, or could take the form of collaborative activities between specific individuals from different institutions that are intended to improve the teaching of psychology in some way (e.g., bringing together high school and college psychology students for an interactive or experiential program, development of programs devoted to mentoring future psychology teachers, programs to bring together and utilize specialized teaching resources from different institutions). 

Grant funds can be used to defray the costs of the collaborative activities or the meetings involving representatives from different institutions (e.g., materials, equipment, fees, travel, food). Activities funded by this program may result in peer-reviewed publications, but do not necessarily have to have this goal. Research collaborations that focus on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) are no longer eligible for funding through this grant program; those interested in obtaining funding to support SoTL should apply to STP's "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research Grant" program. Non-SoTL research collaborations that include a significant teaching component can be submitted for consideration; proposals for research collaborations that will have no impact on teaching or include no teaching-related activities are also not appropriate for this program.

This grant program is open to members of the Society for the Teaching Psychology who teach psychology at 4-year colleges and universities, 2-year colleges, or high schools. We have a total of $6000 to award. The maximum award per project cannot exceed $2,500. Funds will likely be divided among several outstanding proposals, so it is possible that awardees may only receive partial funding for their projects. Since tracking began in 2012, 38% of submissions have been partially or completely funded. The funded projects must be completed during the calendar year designated for the grant. Policies regarding STP grant programs can be found on the STP website ( 

Proposals should not be longer than two pages in length and should include the following sections: a) applicants’ names and contact information, b) title of project, b) objective(s) and anticipated benefits of the project, c) description of activities to meet those goals, d) an estimate of the number of people affected by the project outcome, e) methods by which you will measure efficacy of the project, f) a budget, and g) a statement about whether funds from this program have been received in the past. Please note that indirect costs will not be funded. Because of budget limitations, please indicate whether and how you would be willing to go forward with the project in the case of partial support. A list of recent projects that were funded over the past several years can be found on the STP website (2014-16_PromotingPartnershipGrantWinners.docx), although you should note that the types of projects that we funded beginning with the 2014 cycle shifted. 

Proposals will be evaluated on the expected impact (e.g., number of people and institutions involved in the project and affected by the project outcome, whether project leads to an ongoing partnership), geographic reach of the project, innovativeness of the project, and the extent to which the project supports the mission of STP. In addition, clarity of the proposal and efficacy of the program assessment will factor into the evaluation of proposals. New applicants and projects will be given priority over those that have previously received funds from this grant program. Please indicate in the application if funds have been received from this program in the past. 

Upon notification of funding, grant recipients must submit a brief abstract (no more than 200 words) describing the purpose, method, and expected outcomes of the funded project. These abstracts will be posted on the STP website. Grant recipients will also be asked to complete a final report on the outcome of the project within one year of receipt of funds. The final report will detail how funds were spent. The report should also include an assessment of the efficacy of the project by describing how well the project met its goals and budget, and whether the partnership will continue beyond the life of the grant.

Please submit proposals to Eric Klein, Chair of the Partnerships Small Grants Committee ( by November 1, 2018. Questions concerning this program can also be directed to her at this address. Decisions should be communicated in early January.

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