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The Teaching of Psychology in Autobiography, 2010

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Table of Contents and Individual Chapters
Jared Keeley, Jeffrey Stowell, Bernard Beins, William Buskist
1. Lessons Learned from a Career as a Student of Teaching
William E. Addison, Eastern Illinois University
2. Enormous Flywheel: Teaching Psychological Science
Scott C. Bates, Utah State University
3. Work in Progress
Janet F. Carlson, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
4. A Career Lived Forward, Understood Backward
Andrew N. Christopher, Albion College
5. In Pursuit of Becoming Extraneous
Marjorie K. Cole, Kellam High School
6. Passing the Torch to Others: The Importance of Mentoring
Kimberley J. Duff, Cerritos College
7. What a World, What a Life, I’m in Love!
Jeremy Ashton Houska, University of Nevada Las Vegas
8. Surely They Don‟t Expect Me to Teach
Jessica Irons, James Madison University
9. Fortuitous Foundations for a Vivacious Vocation
Jared Keeley, Mississippi State University
10. Learning to Step Aside
Debra Mashek, Harvey Mudd College
11. The Margins of Significance
Maureen A. McCarthy, Kennesaw State University
12. Venture the Work for the Sake of the Zest
Richard L. Miller, University of Nebraska at Kearney
13. Good Teaching is Like Life—It’s All about Relationships
Kim M. O’Donnell, Naugatuck Valley Community College
14. Cultivating Scholars
Jennifer L. O’Loughlin- Brooks, Collin College
15. 33 Years and Still Getting Psyched!
Debra Park, West Deptford High School
16. From Teaching Tennis to Teaching Psychology
Jane P. Sheldon, University of Michigan-Dearborn
17. Effective Teaching: Putting Yourself OUT There
Susan A. Spencer, Northern Highlands Regional High School
18. Early in My Evolution: Some Changes, Some Constants, and an Ultimate Goal
Tracy E. Zinn, James Madison University

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Keeley, J., Stowell, J., Beins, B., & Buskist, W. (Eds.). (2010). The Teaching of Psychology in Autobiography: Perspectives from Psychology’s Exemplary Teachers (Vol. 3). E-book on the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2) website. Retrieved from


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