Essays from E-xcellence in Teaching: 2005 Volume 5

[Essays from Excellence in Teaching 2005 Vol. 5]

Essays from E-xcellence in Teaching:

Volume 5

A collection of monthly essays
originally published on the
PsychTeacher ™ Electronic Discussion List

Edited by

Tracy Zinn
James Madison University

Bryan K. Saville
James Madison University

John E. Williams
University of Northern Iowa

Society for the Teaching of Psychology


This book is STP's seventh Web publication and represents the compilation of the twelve E-xcellence in Teaching essays which appeared on the PsychTeacher™ electronic discussion list between January and December, 2005.

ISBN: 978-1-941804-07-0

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Volumes I-V
Tracy Zinn (James Madison University)
Bryan K. Saville (James Madison University)
John E. Williams (University of Northern Iowa)
1. Expanding our Students' Horizons: Incorporating a Comparative Perspective into Psychology Courses (January 2005)
Suzanne C. Baker, James Madison University
2. Why History? (February 2005)
C. James Goodwin, Western Carolina University
3. Teaching Peace Psychology in a Post 9/11 World (March 2005)
Linda M. Woolf, Webster University
4. Race, Gender, and the Politics of Pedagogy in Psychology (April 2005)
Aashir Nasim, James Madison University
Cheryl Talley, James Madison University
5. The Only White Guy in the Room (April 2005)
Elliot D. Hammer, Xavier University of Louisiana
6. Seeking Socrates' Similes (May 2005)
Thomas V. McGovern, Arizona State University at the West Campus
7. Reflecting on Teaching Reading and Writing in Psychology (June 2005)
Dana S. Dunn, Moravian College
8. The Real Test: Making Exams Fun (July 2005)
Tracie Burke, Christian Brothers University
9. Teachers of Psychology, Keepers of Psychology (August 2005)
Bernard C. Beins, Ithaca College
10. Evil Technology: Nature or Nurture (September 2005)
David B. Daniel, University of Northern Colorado
11. Transformational Teaching (October 2005)
George Slavich, University of Oregon
12. Supervising Undergraduate Research: An Active, Original, and Meaningful Experience (November 2005)
Lonnie Yandell, Belmont University
13. Integrating Multiculturalism into the Teaching of Psychology: Why and How? (December 2005)
Annette S. Kluck, Texas Teach University
Biographical Notes on Individual Contributors and Editors


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Acknowledgment and Thanks

We dedicated Volume I to Jane Halonen (University of West Florida) for the role she played in helping establish E-xcellence in Teaching. We dedicated Volume II to Randy Smith (Kennesaw State University), for his consistent and unwavering championing of the scholarship of teaching in his role as editor of STP's journal, Teaching of Psychology. As the outgoing editor of E-xcellence in Teaching, Bill Buskist dedicated Volume III to Bill Hill and Vinny Hevern, both of whom have played and continue to play pivotal roles in the creation,development, and continued success of E-xcellence in Teaching. Bryan Saville and Tracy Zinn would like to dedicate Volume IV to Bill Buskist for his continual guidance, support,and friendship over the past 2 years.

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