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Diversity-Teach Listserv

This discussion group focuses on issues related to infusing diversity and international perspectives into the psychology curriculum in addition to diversity-specific courses.  The forum is open to all who are interested in incorporating diversity into their teaching at all levels (including high school, 2-year, 4-year college/university, and graduate school settings).  Please join our listserv and share your experiences, teaching strategies, resource materials, recommendations, and/or questions.


DIV2PSYCHTEACHER (formerly PSYCHTEACHER)  is a moderated discussion list for teachers of psychology at all levels of education that is owned and operated by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (the American Psychological Association hosts the list). All messages posted to the list are reviewed and approved by one of the Society's moderators prior to being distributed to the entire list membership. Like the editor of a newspaper or journal, moderators will have the prerogative to reject complete posts as being outside the scope of the list or ask posters to edit a message so that it fits the list's stated guidelines and rules. If the message is consistent with the list guidelines and rules (see below), it will immediately be forwarded to the list.

Several times during the academic year, an invited guest article on a topic related to the teaching of psychology will be posted to the list. List members are encouraged to respond to the article and the author is encouraged to post a summary of the responses.

Messages that are more general or personal in nature should be avoided. Some appropriate topics for the list may include: (a) requests for or suggested ideas for teaching specific course or content material (e.g., demos that work, resource material, answers to student questions, lecture ideas or resources, etc.); (b) discussion of general instructional issues that cross over different courses (e.g., handling academic dishonesty, make-up exams, using technology to teach, research using the WWW, etc.); (c) discussion of issues not directly related to classroom instruction, but closely tied to teaching in general (e.g., advising students on career options); (d) announcements of interest to the group and directly related to teaching (e.g., TV programs, teaching conferences or workshops); (e) specific requests for help or information to assist in teaching a course or topic (e.g., references on a topic, where you can find a video or equipment, etc.).

Guidelines and Rules

A copy of the complete DIV2PSYCHTEACHER List Content Guidelines and Rules can be found at this link

The PsychTeacher™ List Operator is STP Executive Director Tom Pusateri. The moderators of the list include Rick Froman, Alicia Briganti, Stacy Bjorkman, Stephanie Robinson, Chris M. Hakala, and Tom Pusateri.

DIV2GSTA Listerv

This listserv provides a forum where graduate students in psychology may discuss issues relevant to the teaching of psychology and their professional development as teachers of  psychology.

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