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Keynote Speakers

Pooja Agarwal - "Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning"

Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. is an expert in the field of cognitive science. She has conducted rigorous research on learning in K-12 public schools for more than 15 years and she has a forthcoming book, Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning

Pooja is the Founder of, a hub of resources and strategies for teachers based on the science of learning. In addition, Pooja is an Assistant Professor at the Berklee College of Music and an Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University. She received her Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis and she is a former K-12 teacher.

Learn more at and follow her @poojaAgarwal.

Evelyn Carter - "In Pursuit of Inclusion: Advancing Equity in the Classroom and Beyond

Evelyn Carter, Ph.D. is a social psychologist who is passionate about using science to inform how we engage with the world around us. Her research on how people detect and discuss cues to racial bias has been published in peer-reviewed journals, and her work on successful strategies for confronting racial bias was funded by the National Science Foundation. A self-described data geek, Evelyn loves using data to tackle big questions about creating and sustaining inclusive environments. Evelyn prioritizes a translational approach to research, as she strives to be a bridge between academic communities doing research and people on the ground who can use those insights to inform their work. Evelyn spent nearly 10 years working in higher education before transitioning to her current role as Senior Consultant for Paradigm Strategy Inc. Evelyn holds a B.A. from Northwestern University, an M.A. from University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University.

Rick Miller - "Lessons Learned from Those Who Came Before"

(Bio to come soon)

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