Welcome to the home of Virtual ACT 2020! Virtual ACT featured synchronous ("live") and asynchronous ("on-demand") presentations that highlighted the latest and greatest work in the teaching of psychology. These presentations will be available to STP Members until October 1, 2021. 

To access the Synchronous Presentations, CLICK HERE.

To access the list of "on-demand" presentations, CLICK HERE.

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The information below is archival information for those who participated in the 2020 virtual conference.

Synchronous Presentations

Synchronous presentations will be hosted on Zoom. Because of account limitations, only 300 individuals can participate in a Zoom meeting at a time. If a presentation Zoom meeting room is full we request that overflow participants view the presentations as a "livestream" on YouTube. If you are placed in a waiting room after clicking any Zoom link, that means the Zoom room is full. You will see a link to the YouTube livestream in the waiting room's chat box. Follow the link to stream the presentation through YouTube. 

All participants, whether in Zoom or on the YouTube livestream, will be able to engage with presenters through a moderated chat function. 

Download the full schedule with all the Zoom links HERE.

Asynchronous "On-Demand" Presentations

Asynchronous "on-demand" presentations will be hosted on a dedicated STP YouTube channel. These presentations will be available to at any point in time and will be released simultaneously in late-September. 

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