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New ToPIX Content: 06/30/2014

30 Jun 2014 8:39 PM | Anonymous

This month’s ToPIX update includes additions to the Grading Papers, Research Methods in the News, and the Statistics in the Classroom pages.


Bill Altman updated the wiki to allow for better linking between pages. So, If you have not checked out the Grading Papers page lately or the Grading Rubrics page, have a peek. Thanks, Bill!


Michael Britt (via the TIPS listserv, 6/30/2014) created a concept map to help us follow the Facebook News Feed experiment that has been picked up by so many media outlets. Michael notes that the “essential methods and results are included in the map, along with the text of Facebook's "informed consent" policy, their apology/reaction, and links to articles on this topic.”

Check out this great resource, the actual PNAS article, as well as other takes on this controversy (i.e., “In Defense of Facebook” and “Facebook’s Unethical Experiment”). Intro Psych, Research Methods, and Statistics instructors may want to monitor the Research Methods in the News page for further developments. Big thanks, Michael!

Mike Williams (via the TIPS listserv, 6/1/2014) wrote a stand-alone program to simulate the Monty Hall
problem. It can be downloaded to your computer using the links posted to the wiki. Mike says, “This problem is a good example of the contrast between intuitive and actual probability, [and] is a great exercise for Stats classes when you cover probability.” Moreover, the program allows you to set the number of trials. Many of the online simulators do not.


See the PC and MAC versions of the program, and a PowerPoint presentation on the Statistics in the Classroom page. Scroll down to the In-Class Activities section of this page. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Thanks Bill, Michael, and Mike for their contributions to ToPIX!

If you have found that ToPIX has helped your teaching, please consider contributing! You are welcome to update the wiki yourself or just send me an email with suggestions: (

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