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New ToPIX Content: 5/31/2014

31 May 2014 1:30 PM | Anonymous


This month’s ToPIX update includes additions to the Personality in the Classroom, Social Video & Audio, Consciousness in the News Pages and the Song List.


Ken Carter (via the STP Facebook Group, 5/13/2014) posted a link to an online, self-scoring version of Zuckerman's Sensation Seeking Scale (Zuckerman, Eysenck, & Eysenck, 1978). The self-scoring scale results in a summary statement (e.g., "You're a thrill seeker and you love unusual experiences") and subscores for Boredom Susceptibility, Disinhibition, Experience Seeking, and Thrill & Adventure Seeking. Additionally, the results are combined with those of other test-takers to develop a heat map of sensation-seeker scores by geographical area. More resources on Sensation Seeking can be found on the Personality in the Classroom page. Thanks, Ken!


Jordan Troisi (via the PSYCHTEACHER listserv, 5/13/2014) shared a link to a Radiolab podcast, “The Bad Show” on the dark side of human nature. Elements of this podcast include commentary on the Milgram studies. Excerpts could be shared in class, or the audio could be posted in its entirety on a course management system. Check it out on the Social Video & Audio page. Thanks, Jordan!

Erica Noles emailed a link to an NPR story on sleep deprivation in night shift workers, and it was posted to the Consciousness in the News page. Read more there. Thanks again, Erica!


For those who use music in their lessons, check out the ToPIX Song List here. Some new EDM (electronic dance music) releases were added under the Consciousness and Social Psychology sections.


Thanks Ken, Jordan, and Erica for their contributions to ToPIX!


If you have found that ToPIX has helped your teaching, please consider contributing! You are welcome to update the wiki yourself or just send me an email with suggestions: (

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