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New Teaching Resource on Plagiarism

28 Mar 2014 10:32 AM | Jeffrey Stowell (Administrator)

Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial: How to Avoid Common Forms of Plagiarism (2014)

Introduction to Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial
Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial
Plagiarism Prevention Quiz Questions
Plagiarism Prevention Quiz Key (requires login)

Author: Kosha Bramesfeld
Affiliation: Ryerson University
Description: The 78-slide tutorial discusses common errors that can lead to plagiarism, including (a) failure to properly cite sources, (b) overreliance on the words or organizational structure of someone else’s work, and (c) overuse of other people’s work, at the expense of one’s own contributions. Students learn how to correct these errors as they progress through five sections of the tutorial: (1) What is plagiarism? (2) Citing sources using APA style, (3) Paraphrasing information, (4) Making it your own, and (5) Preparing a list of references. The resource includes an introduction describing the tutorial and a pool of true-false and multiple choice quiz questions. The answer key for the quiz can be found by accessing the resource after logging into the members-only site or by e-mailing the author.
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