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TOPNEWS-Online: Monthly Electronic Newsletter

What is TOPNEWS-Online?

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) established TOPNEWS, an electronic announcement list, in October 1998. The name of this newsletter was changed to TOPNEWS-Online in March, 2000 to distinguish it from other publications by STP. TOPNEWS-Online is used to make monthly announcements about issues and events relevant to the teaching of psychology. Beginning in early 2016, TOPNEWS-Online is now the Society's official newsletter, replacing the twice-a-year publication of the Society's previous newsletter.

View the Current Edition (May 2016)

How to subscribe

To subscribe to TOPNEWS-Online, do one of the following:

  1. Go to the TOPNEWS-Online page at APA's Listserv and follow the directions there.
  2. Send the following command in an email message to <> (type only what is printed below without the quotes): subscribe TOPNEWS "yourfirstname yourlastname". Be sure not to put a signature at the bottom of your email message.


TOPNEWS-Online is not a discussion list. The intent is to send one message to the membership approximately once a month. Those who wish to be removed from the list may do so using the standard signoff procedure that will be outlined in each announcement. Finally, the list of email addresses of subscribers has been restricted to the listowners and will not be accessible by others.

If you have questions, please email

Accessing Current & Past Issues

TOPNEWS-Online is distrbuted via the APA's Listserv. Current issues may be viewed on this page using the "View The Current Edition" link above. Past issues can be accessed via this link.

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