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If you’re an STP member interested in becoming more involved in STP activities then you’ve come to the right place. STP is committed to providing opportunities to as many of its members as possible to participate in STP initiatives. Whenever there’s a committee, taskforce, or working group vacancy, this will be one of the places where the vacancy is announced. In the meantime, here’s a partial list of executive committee members and their areas of responsibilities. If you click on each name, you’ll be directed to that person’s email address. Even if there is no current vacancy, you should feel free to contact one or more of these individuals to express your interest in serving on a specific committee. If you’re a nonmember visitor to this site and are interested in getting involved with STP, then by all means return to the homepage and submit your membership application online. We welcome anyone interested in the teaching of psychology.

Current Service Opportunities

SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award Selection Committee Seeks New Members

The committee is looking for two new members. The term is three years (2017-2020). The committee is charged with selecting the recipients of this SAGE sponsored travel award for two current STP members (early career & graduate student) to help defray the costs of attending the APA convention. If you are interested in serving, please email Scott Brandhorst - Chair of the Committee - at   Please put SAGE/STP Committee in the subject line. Please send a CV as well as a statement of interest in serving on this committee. Deadline for receipt of applications is June 15, 2017. Position starts September 1, 2017.

Call for Associate Editors: Society for the Teaching of Psychology e-books

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology continues to build its e-book publishing program (go to 

The editorial board of our program is made up one editor-in-chief and six associate editors. At the end of last year two of our associate editors rotated off the board. STP is soliciting two new associate editors who will serve for 2-year terms beginning this year.

Associate editors are assigned two tasks. The first is to develop and/or edit one or more e-books that advance the causes of the Society during their term as an associate editor. This can be done in one of two ways.  First, you can take full responsibility for developing the topic, solicitation of authors, timeline, and final decisions regarding acceptability of manuscript for your e-book, which is entirely under your control. The second way is to edit an e-book that has come to us as an unsolicited proposal from colleagues.  In either case, my job will be simply to serve in an oversight capacity—I will read (and perhaps offer commentary) on your book just prior to the final draft stage. 

The second task is to serve as a reviewer for unsolicited proposals. We receive a few each year, but the task is not a time-consuming one. Our main job is to help the proposal author(s) take what we hope is a good idea and develop it into a truly useful and outstanding e-book.

If you have not looked over the home page for the Society’s e-book program lately, please do so. I think you will find that we’ve developed a really diverse, interesting, and practically functional portfolio of (free) e-books. In addition to the e-book(s) that you may develop or edit, we will continue to publish the series of E-xcellence-in-Teaching essays as well as the series of Teaching in Autobiography books and the series Teaching Tips.

Please consider this invitation seriously in the next several days, and if you are interested, get back to me with an answer by May 15, 2017

With all good wishes,

Rick Miller

Editor-in-Chief, STP E-books

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Instructional Resource Award (IRA) Committee

The Society for the Teaching of Psychology is now accepting self nominations for one new member of the six-member Instructional Resource Award (IRA) Committee.  Nominees must be members of STP (APA Division 2) and be willing to commit to a three-year term starting February 1, 2018.  Nominations should include a recent CV and a one-page cover letter stating your interest in and qualifications for the position. Please reply by September 15, 2017 to Elizabeth Mazur, Chair, STP IRA Committee at

The purpose of the Instructional Resource Awards is twofold: (1) to stimulate the development of teaching resource materials that can be subsequently duplicated and distributed to interested teachers of psychology by the Society’s Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology, and (2) to encourage instructional research relevant to the teaching of psychology at the university, college, community college, or high school level that can be distributed through the Society’s Office of Teaching Resources for Psychology. The deadline for applications for the next cycle is February 1, 2018. 

For more information about the Instructional Resource Award program, visit its webpage on the Society's members’ web site under “Awards” at  You also may contact Dr. Elizabeth Mazur at Penn State University, Greater Allegheny Campus at


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