Greetings from the President

01 Apr 2020 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I hope that you are finding some semblance of rhythm in this uncertain time. I hope that you and yours are healthy, and if not, that you are able to find effective healthcare. I hope your online teaching and communications platform is working. I hope that you are finding joy seeing your students’ faces from time to time. I hope that your children are finding new and fun ways to play and learn. I hope your pets are loving every minute of you being home more. I hope that your cooking is better than mine. And if none of these things are happening for you, I hope you can reach out to someone in this community or another one near you for help. Even though we must maintain distance, we are not alone.

The Executive Committee met virtually on March 28, and we were able to get some important work done for the Society. Some of what we do in the spring meeting is to review what we did last year. We had a great 2019 under Rick Miller’s presidential leadership:

  • We instituted two new awards – the Mentorship of Teachers Award and the Civic Engagement Award.
  • Two new e-books are in the works.
  • The International Twitter Poster contest was a hit, and it has potential for more growth this year as people seek virtual outlets for presenting their research.
  • Plans are underway for ACT in October, and we’re hoping – so very much hoping – that we can all meet together in person in Pittsburgh this fall.

For 2020, we are planning some 75th anniversary celebrations at ACT (again, hope springs eternal for a conference this fall), and I will be formalizing work I’ve been doing with our Membership and Diversity Committees on further diversifying STP’s membership and work. Susan Nolan, our President-Elect, shared her vision for 2021, and I’m excited for you to hear more from her in the fall on what she has in store for STP.

While things feel cruel right now, there is goodness going on. People are helping each other. Pet photos are being shared. Silly things that kids say are making the rounds. John Krasinski (of The Office and Jack Ryan and Emily Blunt’s husband fame) shared Some Good News. We found some toilet paper in a store last week. Small victories in trying times are beacons of light in the darkness. Our STP community is a light in my world. Thanks to you all for your generosity and solidarity.

See you this fall, I hope.

Amy Fineburg

STP President 2020

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